Dar al Hossoun: General Sales terms

SARL Garden Lodge & Spa

1 – Booking
Booking enquiries should be made at
Descriptions, fees and photos of rooms are available on
Photos are non-binding.

2 – Payment
Dar al Hossoun is accessible only to people who have received a written confirmation of their booking and paid the 30% deposit.
Dar al Hossoun reserves the right to cancel any booking option to which no deposit has been paid on time.
Payments are to be made through bank transfer or credit card to SARL Garden Lodge & Spa.
Possible bank and/or transfer fees are payable by the customer.
The final payment must be made before the end of the stay to the manager or to his representative.

3 – Currencies and rates
Prices are per room for the number of people booked for the selected date.
Prices are inclusive of all sales taxes, in dirhams, and orientative only when expressed in the equivalent of foreign currencies. They are valid only for the agreed dates.
All the bookings, whatever their origin, are payable in the local currency unless otherwise stated.
At the hotel, if the payment is made in a currency that is different from what has been agreed upon, fees are payable by the customer.
The stay & tourist tax, as it appears on the price list, is payable directly at the hotel but in the case of an total online pre-payment can be included.
Any change or any legal tax imposed by authorities will automatically be passed on to the price as stated a the time of booking.
Dar al Hossoun, when the the customer’s booking has been confirmed, will indicate the total amount of the booking.
Some special offers that are available on the Internet and may not be available from the hotel reception.

4 – Conditions of cancellation.
4-1: If the customer cancels.
The customer needs to send a written cancellation through an e-mail to Dar al Hossoun. A confirmation must be sent to the customer from Dar al Hossoun.
In the case of cancelling on account of the customer, compensatory allowance are applicable as follows.
– More than 45 days prior to the stay is due to start: 15% of the total amount + bank fees if a transfer is needed.
– From 44 to 20 days before the stay is due to start: 25% of the total amount + bank fees if a transfer is needed.
– From 19 to 10 days before the stay is due to start: 50% of the total amount + bank fees if a transfer is needed.
– From 9 to 2 days before the stay is due to start: 75% of the total amount + bank fees if a transfer is needed.
– Less than 2 days before the stay is due to start: 100% of the amount.
– In case of a “no-show”, 100% payment of the stay will be applicable.

On this basis, Dar al Hossoun is allowed to debit the customer’s account for the applicable amount and an invoice will then be sent to the customer.

If the customer decides to shorten his stay, before or during the stay, the same measures are applicable to the numbers of nights that have been canceled.

4-2: If Dar al Hossoun modifies or cancels the booking.
If Dar al Hossoun modifies or cancels a stay that has been confirmed and prepaid by the customer, the former will notify the changes to the latter and 100% of the pre-paid amount will be paid back, without any other compensation.
Whenever possible, Dar al Hossoun will offer an alternative proposal of the same category or above and/or Dar al Hossoun may offer preferred conditions to a future stay.

5 – Provision of rooms.
Rooms may be available to the customers as soon as they arrive, from 4PM or earlier if the rooms are ready.
On the day of departure, customers must leave the rooms by 11 a.m.
In case of a late departure, their luggage can be stored but Dar Al Hossoun cannot be kept responsible for any disagreement.

6 – Responsibilities.
Zurich Assurance-Allianz is the company that covers Dar al Hossoun in case of a malpractice and/or incidents/accidents occurring to customers or their belongings.
Personal liability cannot be sought for, in any case, and Dar al Hossoun cannot substitute for the insurance company as it can interfere with the proper dealing of the file by the insurance company.
In case of technical fault in the provision of public services such as water, electricity, gaz, telephone or Internet, Dar al Hossoun cannot be made responsible either for the shortage or for its consequences.
Customers are responsible for safely keeping their valuable belongings: jewelry, money, credit cards, photo or video equipment, etc… safes are available in all rooms and the manager can take and keep what wouldn’t fit the safes.
Dar Al Hossoun cannot be liable in case of loss, theft or damage. A written statement must be issued in case of damage within 36 hours so it can be transmitted to the insurance company.
Children who are staying at Dar al Hossoun are under their parents’ or their legal representative’s responsibility and must be taken care of, must not be left on their own within the riad’s facilities.
Customers are personally responsible for their children’s and their own behaviour towards other customers and staff. Any inappropriate behaviour may lead to the exclusion of the customer from the hotel.
To make customers’ trips easy, Dar al Hossoun can organise transport from and to the airport as well as for excursions and visits. Customers will be charged on the final bill. The agreement is a client-carrier one and the insurance of the carrier covers any problems.

7 – Complaints and hearing of disputes.
Any complaint must be sent within 10 days after the customer has left either to:
Dar Al Hossoun – BP1157 – Taroudant – Morocco
or to:
Such complaints will be individually dealt with only if such similar inquiry has been made to the hotel manager during the stay and if no solution had been found.
In case of disagreement and after the parties have failed to reach a compromise, the Agadir courts of justice (Morocco) are competent to solve the dispute.

8 – Number of occupiers during the stay.
Only the owners, the staff and the customers have permanent access to Dar al Hossoun.
Nobody, except the stated occupiers at the time of the booking, is allowed to stay, even punctually, within the hotel if no prior agreement has been given by the manager. The manager will take this visitor into account and the latter will have to fill a police record.
As a consequence, customers should inform the manager of any arrival of an invited person.
Th manager can refuse the entrance to any person without having to justify himself even if an acceptance had been beforehand given.
The present terms of use are applicable to visitors.
If this clause is not respected, an immediate cancellation may follow as stated in paragraph 3. (see above).

9 – Police formalities.
Dar Al Hossoun has to fill the usual police formalities as set by the local authorities.
This identification sheet must be filled as the customer arrives.

10 – Customers’ data.
At the time of booking, customers must provide Dar al Hossoun with personal information among which their e-mail.
This information can be used for the booking, particularly to send the booking confirmations or any other data useful to the arrival or to the stay.
The customer is responsible for the validity of the e-mail and the data he provides. If the provided data is wrong, Dar al Hossoun cannot be kept responsible.
Dar al Hossoun can also use this e-mail occasionally to forward information about the riad (special offers, news, events, etc…).
Dar al Hossoun is committed not to give this information to anybody (private or professional) for commercial purposes.
Customers have the right to access, modify, change or suppress the data about themselves.
They may use this right by sending an e-mail to or by writing to:
Dar al Hossoun – BP1157 – Taroudant – Morocco.